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What We Do:

At FX Pip Capital, forex traders are given an opportunity to learn from professional traders with 20+ years experience. Our traders have worked from the ground floor up in our respective fields starting out as runners and working our way up as traders for some of the worlds largest firms (see our traders on Signals page). Our goal in developing this site was to build a community of successful and up and coming traders, all with the same goal in mind of helping one another to make money as a community. We give out forex trading signals that allow for all different types of forex traders. We will also soon start providing information on Bitcoin trading and other cryptocurrencies.

Some people may not have the time to treat forex as a full time job, and we give them the ability to follow our trades. Forex trading is not a hobby, hobbies cost money. Therefore, if you don't have the time, let us make up that time for you and trade our Quant Signals. For traders who want to learn more and eventually develop their own strategies and style of trades, we provide the training necessary in order to make it to these levels, as well as a good understanding of risk management which is necessary for any forex system or strategy to be successful.

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